About us


Helllllo friends!
First of all, thanks for stopping by Daisy and the Fox!

Shall we get on a first name basis?
I’m Bec and have been roaming the earth for 17 18 19 years.
I am so thrilled to be able to share my passions with you all – cooking and creating.

I’m an old music loving, tv watching, nut eating, dusk enthusiast, spontaneous singing and dancing maniac in short.

I was always wondering of a way I could share my love of creating with the world, and I could never seem to put my finger on it. Then, it all fell into place. After watching ‘Julie and Julia’ the movie (which I highly recommend), the message only seemed to clear. Start a blog.

I’ve always enjoyed the idea of jotting down my thoughts, and day-to-day activities, which was weirdly motivated when I was younger by the notion of “just incase I got amnesia, and forget everything”, I would be able to look back at my life and smile and laugh at all the things that made me happy. So here they are!

When I have tones of free time (between work and travel), or when I just need a fun break, you’ll be able to find recipes and photography that make me salivate, as well as everywhere else that my mind wanders (it’s true, my mind jumps from one thing to another in the space of seconds…)

I have recently moved from Melbourne to London, chasing down that food dream of mine.
Stay tuned!

Mega Mocha Brioche Buns
Over the course of writing, photographing, pondering and typing this blog, my dedication and fondness for it has only grown.
My love for food styling and photography has blossomed (you only have to see my prop collection to believe me).
I am constantly day-dreaming of new recipes, flavour combos and different stylings to photograph (the whole concept of food styling and photography and pretty much enveloped me it’s far to say).


If you’ve stuck with this ready this so far (and I appreciate that 100 times over!),  it’s far to say you’re probably wondering…

Why Daisy and the Fox?
To be perfectly honest, when I was playing around with names, it was this combination of these words that just seemed to capture the whimsical free nature of who I am and what I feel the blog represents. Creativity, fun. Which in other words for me = food.
So here I am! Sharing and blurting to you all my favourite things in my life! (Which I hope all makes sense, as my grammar and spelling is horrible… my mind tends to be racing faster then my annoyingly small fingers can type on the keyboard)

I hope you enjoyed your visit to Daisy and the Fox – thanks for stopping by and as always – have a great day! :)


The camera used is a Canon 5D mark I, using a 50mm f/1.8 lens