For me, Summer holidays can only mean one thing… beach beach and more beach.
As a family, we’ve been renting holiday houses at the seaside since I was little, our favourite little spot in the Mornington Peninsula is by far one of my favourite places in the world.
So calm, so relaxed, so much sand and so much water (well duh… it’s the beach Bec…)
Unfortunately, we didn’t quite make it as far as our favourite dwelling spot, but thanks to some generous friends and their beach house, we got pretty close on the other side of the bay, where it was just as perfect and all that a holiday should be.


We had fun us galz (aka the sis, mum and me.. oh and Stewie the dog, how could I forget) chin chillin like chin chilladas.
Mainly consisting of a crap load of eating (so much chips and ice-cream was consumed… i’m kinda proud of our efforts. Right onnnn laydays), reading (omg Dan Brown is an absolute winner of an author), chattin’ and walkin.
I bet you thought I was gonna say ‘beaching’ too, but with windy cold days all round, (bar 2 warm days, BOO YEAH) we quite enjoyed having the purpose of doing absolute nothing…
You could say that doing nothing is one of my favourite things to do. (i swear that I’m not lazy… just ask my ermmm …. just forget it.. I’m as lazy as they come)


I also fulfilled my childhood dream/ambition of eating fish and chips on the beach (BOO YEAH X 2), so that was pretty sweet (but of course that was before I dog came and jumped all over us, and to add to this woe… our chips were drowned in sand… RIP delicious chips… RIP)
But as it was a dog beach, naturally, Stewie came along and almost wet himself with excitement that he could join us for dinner AKA chase the waves and try and eat them, then proceed to vomit cause he swallowed too much salt water… (too much info?? okay.. I’ll stop there)

This was the best way to spend the beginning of the new year before all the changes and adventures of 2015 begin! (but I’ll fill you in next post and keep you in suspense…)

Thanks for stopping by!

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