First thought… man alive this year’s gone fast.
Second thought…. dinner smells delicious
Third thought… I can’t believe Christmas is tomorrow!!

Yesterday, I was whippin’ round the kitchen getting dessert ready for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day… and I was thinkin… ya know, just some cooking pondering… isn’t the lead up to Christmas one of the best times of the year?

I know some people find it stressful and all, but if we zoom out a little bit… isn’t it fun to go shopping and fill people with the joy of receiving gifts? And spend time eating delicious food and cookies surrounded by our friends and family?
And the carols… oh them carols….
I know some people can’t stand them, but part of the fun is knowing every single word and chiming in along with all our buddies isn’t it. “JINGLE BELLS JINGLE BELLS (not Batman smells)

Everyone just seems to be so merry and bright (mind the intentional carol quote), and today (being Christmas Eve) it’s just so fun being able to yell out (kindly of course) MERRY CHRISTMAS!!On the weekend, as I finished off the final of my Christmas shopping, I sat down Sunday arvo and wrapped them all with my sis with a good pinch Marey Carey’s Christmas album, plenty of ribbon, stamps and gingerbread galore… ahhhh that was a good arvo.
Ribbon tying is mega therapeutic.

(P.S. As much as I like surprises, I picked out my present for my sis to give me… even though our gift this year was to save each other money by not buying a gift.. how can you not a Christmas time!? Annnyyyywayyy it’s a cookbook called ‘Decorated’ by April Carter, and to say I’m excited to open this present is da understatement of da yearrrr!!)

As for tonight, I’m looking forward to a delicious dinner, followed by watching carols by candlelight and playing monopoly as a family. (Please don’t dominate the game tonight bro as per usual and lemme get that mighty fine Mayfair, cheers.)

Ain’t it the most wonderful time of the year! (once again, mind the intentional carol quote)
What are your holiday traditions?

Wishing you all a very merry and safe Christmas and the happiest of new years!!

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